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Gamevil and XL Games teaming up to bring us a mobile version of ArcheAge

Some big news in the MMORPG world as Gamevil and XL Games have announced a partnership which will bring ArcheAge to mobile devices soon. While there isn’t a whole lot of details as to when this will actually happen and ArcheAge will find its way to Google Play, this news is one sort of a first in regards to a new MMORPG actually getting a mobile version for players to use as well.

ArcheAge is a fairly new MMORPG for PC gamers that is set to a fantasy theme. It features a unique class system which allows players to customize their character into one of the 120 available class combinations available. There is also a staggering 20 different type of crafting in this game, the ability to build houses, farm, trade, forge alliances, and it is all set in an open world environment. Needless to say, it is a pretty big game.

Gamevil will be helping bring ArcheAge to mobile devices alongside a partnership with XL Games, the developers of the PC version. We will post an update once we receive more details.

Publish Website: Gamevil Press Release

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