Day: November 16, 2014

Game Features

[UPDATED] An Interview with Independent Game Designer Semir Saleh – Creator of Dodo Master, An Excellent Platforming Game Coming to Android

“Alone in a dungeon sat a Dodo in a cage. She was overwhelmed by sadness, her eggs had been taken away.” So begins your journey with a brilliantly conceived, and challenging platforming game, called Dodo Master. The game was released earlier this year on iOS, with a preponderance of high praise. Android gamers will have the opportunity very shortly, to experience what many iOS users have enjoyed. It is an old school platformer that rewards you for your skills, and punishes you for the lack thereof. Semir Saleh, the independent game designer of Dodo Master, was kind enough to speak with me, to talk about his game, his origins and why he is willing to do it all over again.  I introduce to you, the Dodo Master himself, Semir Saleh.

Game News

Weekend Play: Stick Hero is Another Quick and Fun Game from Ketchapp

Ketchapp seems to be delivering simple and fun games, one right after the other. In the past month or so, they have pushed The Tower, Amazing Thief and Make Them Fight into the Play Store. Thus far, all of the games have a few things in common. They have clean and simple graphics, they are easy to pick up and put down for quick game play, and each one is entertaining in its own right. Most recently, Ketchapp, in collaboration with WF Games, brought Stick Hero to the Play Store. Anybody in your family can pick up and play this game easily. All it requires is a good judge of distance.