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Heroes of Steel recieves its third expansion called Whispers Over Steel

Probably one of the most popular games by the Trese Brothers happens to be their turn-based strategy RPG called Heroes of Steel. So far the game has received two expansion and now there is a third one that is available called Whispers Over Steel. In this expansion your heroes will be returning to the surface of the world they have left behind.

Heroes of Steel is a post-apocalyptic themed turn-based RPG where the rest of humanity that has survived the destruction of the world they had known have been driven underground in order to survive. Whispers Over Steel brings your group of character back to the surface world and they must face a necromantic disease that has taken root in the ruins of one of the old world’s great cities. This means you will be facing off against undead type of creatures, such as ethereal spirits, hordes of ghouls, and armies of raised skeletons that have taken hold of the ruins are you exploring.

Whispers Over Steel Features:

  • Achieve new level maximums with your characters, rising from level 28 to 36
  • Battle over 20 new monster types and mobs – Dire wolves, Ghouls, Wraiths and more
  • Fight, loot, and explore 22 new dungeons and the surface of the old world
  • New High Speed option and Auto Buff feature increases speed of play, allows casting of all buffs in a single click or tap
  • Non-linear storyline continues to deepen and branch, difficult story decisions begin to bear fruit
  • Discover 200+ new weapons, armor, and gear
  • Equip your team with new powerful items, including Spirit Drain and Auto-block shields

According to the two-man development team which happens to be made up of brother Cory and Andrew Trese, this third episode expands the game content-wise by 33% which is a pretty big increase to an already big game.

We are seeing gamers that are putting 150+ hours into it before they even begin to dive into Episode 3. – Trese Brothers

For those of you who already have the game installed and purchased the first couple of episodes, Whispers Over Steel is available for purchase as an IAP for $0.99 and should be available now within the game itself.

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