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Part Companion App Part Game, Far Cry 4 Arena Master is Available Now

The official app for Far Cry 4, Far Cry 4 Arena Master lets you collect animals and recruit people to fight each other.

Yesterday we reported on the Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker App, but with the launch day of the game came another mobile game. This app lets you store animals to use in a fighting arena, where you can create challenges for Far Cry 4 owners to play. Using money earned, you can send mercenaries on missions to recruit more fighters and catch better animals, but its not always a guarantee whether it will work out. You can also use money to upgrade your animal pens.  There is also the capability to challenge AI champions in a solo mode. 

Arena Master is both a companion to Far Cry 4 but can also be played on its own without the game. If you do own the game however, you can earn in-game cash and other rewards by having other players play in your arena in the actual game.  

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