Day: 1 December 2014


Alien Breed Review: A fun look back at a 90s top down shooter

Alien Breed is a simple, top down shooter that was released on a couple of desktop computing platforms in the early 1990s. Its visual style looks like it is cribbed off of the movie franchise of Alien, at least in the appearance of the hostile life forms that players frequently encounter. Alien Breed includes both the original release and subsequent releases in their original graphics, as well as a remake of the same levels with up-scaled graphics.


[Updated] A Humble Bundle That Should Not Be Missed: Crescent Moon Games Bundles Games for A Good Cause

By now, everyone on planet Earth that plays games, reads or listens to books, or enjoys good music, has heard of Humble Bundle. If you haven’t, now is a great time to discover, what the folks over at Humble Bundle have to offer. Humble Bundle gives you the opportunity to buy bundled products, in this case, Android mobile games, while supporting charity. You get to name your price for the games. If your price is above a certain average, it unlocks more games for you, as they become available. The new mobile bundle for Android is now available, and it is a collaboration between Humble Bundle and Crescent Moon Games. This mobile bundle is definitely worth checking out, because it has some pretty great games, and exclusive content in it! Are you ready to name your price and hit the download button?


[Updated] Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales are live and includes their Fire TV, Fire Phone and more

Cyber Monday sales are in full swing and while you don’t have to wait in line for hours ahead of time like Black Friday, lots of these sales are in limited quantity so you don’t want to delay in picking up anything you happen to want today. Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales are going strong and there are plenty of deals to pick up including their Fire TV, Amazon’s Fire Phone and more, all of which are on sale today for some pretty good discounts.


The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 Review [Spoiler-Free]

TellTale Games lives up to its namesake, having become synonymous with high quality storytelling in the video game medium. After gaining industry recognition and commercial success with their breakout hit, The Walking Dead, TellTale was faced with a tough act to follow. With the release of The Wolf Among Us, many gamers have asked whether or not this game lives up to its predecessor. Be curious no longer as I dive into a spoiler-free review the first episode of The Wolf Among Us.