Day: 2 December 2014


Run Sackboy! Run! Review: A great looking endless runner with some slight control issues

The proliferation of endless running games in app stores can at times seem, well, endless. That fact hasn’t discouraged Sony from putting out a second entry into the genre (The first being Ratchet and Clank: Before the Nexus), this time featuring the amiable Sackboy from the popular Little Big Planet series of Playstation games. Does this game bring anything new to the table or has it collapsed from exhaustion in the crowded space of mobile runners? Check out my review to find out.


Gamevil will be releasing a content update for Darkness Reborn and the release of Elune Saga on December 4th

Gamevil has announced a couple of different bits of news, both of which will be arriving this Thursday, December 4th, 2014. This Thursday is turning out to be pretty big in terms of releases with some major titles already slated for launch on that day. We can add a couple of more things that will be arriving on Thursday thanks to Gamevil who have announced that a content update will be arriving for Darkness Reborn as well as the launch of a new game calledĀ Elune Saga.


Cicret wants to be the next advancement in wearable technology, putting Android right onto your skin

A few days ago we stumbled onto Cicret which, at first, we thought was just another wearable piece of technology like the Smart Watches we currently have on market. That was until we realized that this little wristband is a whole lot more than a watch with some limited, but cool, functionality. Cicret basically puts a fully functional version of Android right on your skin for your to use just as though it was a touchscreen on a tablet or phone.