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Fire Quest – Age of Titans hits up Kickstarter for funding. Goal is to take down Clash of Clans.

It is one thing to make a game that ends up competing for the player base for a particular game or two. It is another thing altogether to develop a game with the goal to knock a specific title that is already released out of the first place spot for their genre. However that is exactly what Fire Quest – Age of Titans is aiming to do with Clash of Clans.

With that said, you are probably already guessing that this new game is a strategy-based city building combat game based around multiplayer gameplay. When it comes to the theme of this game, the developers are describing it as a cross between Mad Max and the Flintstones, or a prehistoric, post-apocalyptic future time period, which is certainly a bit different to say the least. This game is being developed by a group of people who are actually fans of Clash of Clans but are somewhat disappointed in the lack of updates to certain aspects of the game. So they decided to make their own. Sounds reasonable enough.

While you have pretty much all the features you would hope to find in a game like this, FireQuest does have a few unique features all their own. For example you can find Titans throughout the game which are pretty much as they sound, super-powerful creatures that you can control and use against your enemies. Of course everyone has an opportunity to find a Titan.

FireQuest is looking for an additional $400K in funding to finish up the game and promote it properly among other things. If you’re a fan of Clash of Clans but wouldn’t mind seeing a game compete against it, then you might want to toss a couple of bucks at FireQuest’s Kickstarter. There’s a ton of videos about this game over on their Kickstarter page as well as additional details on the game’s main website.

Official Website: FireQuest – Clash of Titans

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