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Two Indies Stack Onto NVIDIA GRID this Week

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means the NVIDIA GRID got two more games that can be streamed onto the NVIDIA Shield Portable and Shield Tablet. This weeks additions were Stacking and PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate.

Stacking, from Double Fine Productions is a game all about Russian stacking matryoshka dolls, you know the dolls that fit inside each other. As a small doll, you will enter other dolls and take on their abilities in a story set in the industrial age, where you go about saving your family from the Baron. PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate is a tower defense game that lets you take the role of Tikiman the Forest Defender.

If neither of these games appeal to you there plenty of others to choose from at the moment on NVIDIA Grid. Touted as a Netflix for games, it is currently free for Shield owners and offers many games including Borderlands 2, Batman: Arkham City, and multiple LEGO games. The full list is available here.

Website Referenced: Kitguru

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