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IndieGoGo Crowdfunding now has an official Android app

Crowdfunding site IndieGoGo now has an official Android application for people who partake in corwdfunding to use. IndieGoGo has plenty of projects on it to fund, a lot of which happens to be indie games. However it certainly isn’t limited to indie games.

The site’s new app will let you sift through and view any projects that are currently on the website looking for funding. You will also be able to follow your favorite campaigns and check out the perks for each campaign that are available for different levels of funding. There is a recommendations engine in the app as well so you can get more personalize recommendations based on previous campaigns you’ve thrown a few bucks at.

IndieGoGo Features:

• Discover new campaigns through personalized recommendations
• Follow your favorite campaigns
• Explore campaign perks
• Share specific campaigns with friends

As for actually being able to help fund a project, that is also available to do through the app. So you literally can crowdfund a project on IndieGoGo while on the go. The app is available for free to download off Google Play.


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