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Amazon offers up a new bundle of apps and games for free

Amazon has already pushed out one bundle of apps and games back when Christmas was here, offering up a total of over $220 worth of freebies. Now Amazon has a new bundle and this time it is $110 worth of free applications and games for you to take advantage of.

This bundle is Amazon’s “end-of-year welcome to 2015” bundle and it features some pretty good games and applications that you can download for free. There are games like Table Top Racing, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, République, and Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. This is just a sample of the 17 free games that come with this bundle. As for the applications in this package, you will find ones such as AVG AntiVirus Pro, BuildCalc, Orrery and more.

While the applications are pretty decent in this package it is the games that definitely take center stage as there are a lot of good ones. If you download everything, you will have 33 new apps and games on your Android device worth over $110 so it is a pretty good deal.

Amazon Marketplace: New Freebiew Bundle for 2015

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