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Fun Fridays: Dracula’s Tomb from Castlevania, Hearthstone Booster Packs Fail and more

We missed last week’s installment of Fun Fridays due to the holidays but we won’t be missing it this week. If you are not familiar with this new series we recently started, this is basically a bit of a showcase of some of the more humorous, entertaining, or just plain cool things we’ve seen during the week that has happened in the video game industry. This isn’t just isolated to mobile gaming though.

Dracula’s Tomb

So what do we have this week for Fun Friday? Well we have a few things actually. First we have a Super Nintendo that was transformed into Dracula’s Tomb from Castlevania. Needless to say, after looking at the pictures of this thing, you can tell a lot of work went into modding this PAL version of the Super Nintendo (controllers as well) to look like Dracula’s Tomb.

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The entire mod was done by Belgian artist Vadu Amka and this is definitely not his first video gaming related mod either. If you like this sort of thing, definitely check out his website as he has done a lot of other really cool projects similar to this.

Hearthstone Packs Fail

Second up on the list today is about Hearthstone which as many of you know was finally released for Android tablets last month. Along with the release of the game for mobile gamers to enjoy, the first real content expansion called Goblins vs Gnomes was also released. This means that new booster packs are available for purchase which allow players to start getting cards from the expansion.

One streamer on TwitchTV wanted to do a pack opening on their stream of these new booster packs for the expansion. However, and this goes for any time you are buying anything in-game through IAPs, you should always pay attention to what you are doing in order to buy the correct items. This streamer didn’t and ended up purchasing 60 packs ($69.99) of the regular booster packs instead of the new Goblins vs Gnomes ones. The regular ones do not contain any of the new cards. A few streamers have done this actually but this was the biggest one we saw.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto games have plenty of humorous moments to enjoy and Grand Theft Auto V is no exception to the rule, especially with Grand Theft Auto Online. Here are a couple of animated clips of a couple of these moments. They are in gif format so give them a second to load.

One of these is pretty self-explanatory while the other one shows a guy standing there pretending to be AFK (Away From Keyboard) and someone sees this, gets out of their car and runs up to rob and kill them only to end up dead himself.

If you spot anything that is really cool or funny and it is gaming related, feel free to send it in to us and we will post it on the next Fun Fridays.

Websites Referenced: Kotaku (Dracula’s SNES) | Gamebreaker TV (Hearthstone)

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