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CES 2015 is here! Here is the coverage we will be doing.

CES 2015 is already upon us and it feels like it came super quick this year. However fast it did come we are prepared for it and will be hitting the floor to gather all the Android news we can find. Whether it be new Android phones or tablets, gaming peripherals for mobile gamers to use, or anything else that might be of interest to the Android gamers out there, we will cover it here.

We have plenty of meetings set up already and are still setting up some last minute ones as well. We will be sitting down with hardware companies like Nvidia, Samsung, LG, Mad Catz, and many many more throughout this week. As for game development companies, we have interviews and meetings set up with quite a lot of them as well including Ouya, Gameloft, and more. In other words we have a lot to do this week and will be bringing it all to you.

If there is something you want us to check out, let us know in the comments below and we will certainly find it and report on it. Have questions you want us to ask any of the companies that will be there? Leave those below as well and we will ask them and get the answers to you. Today is press day though so sit back and enjoy all the press conferences that are happening today. We will post the live streams of each one that we can find so even though we are there, you can basically be there with us. You can also find all the CES 2015 new we report on over on the left-hand side of the site off the main page through our little CES hub.

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