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[CES2015] Samsung Press Event Round-Up: Not a whole lot happened actually

Today Samsung held their annual CES press event and the company went over a few things related to Samsung Gear VR and other Android related goodies. One of the items touched on in regards to the Gear VR was the recently released Milk VR video service which brings 360 degree videos to the Gear VR. The didn’t go too deep into it since it is already available, but did announce that 30 titles are already available for Milk VR.

Of course Samsung went deep into their TV line, more specifically their UHD line to TVs and announced a new UHD Alliance in conjunction with other companies such as content providers. However this is all good as but not overly Android related except for the fact that if you play Android games on the big screen, they look pretty damn good.

All Smart TVs from now on will run Tizen, Samsung’s OS. This won’t effect connecting your Android device to your new Smart TV though as their devices will be compatible with it all. This includes a bunch of second screen features that Samsung will be adding to current software.

Interestingly enough, but not really surprising, there was no new Android devices announced at all. The only real Android related topic was the Gear VR portion.


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