Day: January 12, 2015

Game Reviews

Exiles Game Review: Sadly falling short

Exiles: Far Colony is the latest game from Crescent Moon games, also made games that you might have played like Neon Shadow, Mines of Mars, and the Ravensword. Like Ravensword before it, Exiles is an open world Action/RPG, only its the SciFi counterpart to Ravensword’s fantasy theme. While the undertaking is ambitious and full of potential, the game falls short of what appears to be Crescent Moon’s intent.

Game News

Official Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect game gets its first trailer

Back in the beginning of December 2014 we reported on an official Son of Anarchy mobile game that would be heading our way in the earlier part of 2015. This game, which is officially titled Son of Anarchy: The Prospect, will be a team effort from developers Silverback Games and Orpheus, both of which are located in Canada, as well as Kurt Sutter and the rest of the team behind the TV show.