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Mojang to hold Q&A session on TwitchTV later this week regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Mojang will be hosting a public Q&A session on their TwitchTV channel later this week regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition which means that this will be an excellent opportunity to ask the questions you may have regarding the game, or what is coming in the future, directly to the developers themselves.

The whole Q&A session is happening due to the game selling a ridiculous amount of copies… over 30 million times to be more precise. That is just Minecraft: Pocket Edition for mobile and isn’t including the normal Minecraft game for PC and consoles. That’s not too shabby.

In order to keep the entire thing organized, people who want to ask questions need to do so through the official Reddit thread that is now up for Minecraft: Pocket Edition questions. The crew at Mojang will look through all of the questions submitted and will pick out the best / least offensive questions and answer them live on TwitchTV. This Q&A session will take place either Thursday or Friday of this week (that’s January 15th or 16th). A more specific date/time will be announced closer to the actual stream going live.

We will obviously be attending the live stream but we will also host it on our TwitchTV channel as well as embed it here on the site. This way you have multiple ways to view the stream, interact with other readers of the site and stream viewers, should one of the ways to watch not be working properly for you.

Websites Referenced: Reddit | Mojang TwitchTV

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