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Defend Your Life Tower Defense from Alda Games has finall been released onto Android

A new Tower Defense game has arrived onto Android today that features the Human body as your battlefield. Well it is actually the organs inside the Human body to be more precise. Developed by Alda Games, Defend Your Life puts players in command of the Human body’s natural defenses against bacteria and viruses.

You will take control of the body’s defense system in order to protect the organ you happen to be fighting on at any particular stage in the game from different bacteria and viruses who want to invade and infect the organ you are protecting. There are a variety of towers that you can build, each with their own unique ability and all of them can be upgraded for additional strength and unlocking new abilities.

Defend Your Life Features:

– 17 exciting levels
– 27 different enemies
– 4 basic upgradable buildings
– Bonuses and powers
– Stunning graphics
– Original soundtrack
– Tactical involvement

Each level is situated on a different organ within the Human body like the aorta, appendix, and stomach. Even though there are 27 different types of enemies to deal with, you will also have to learn what these enemies can do as some of them have special abilities. For example, the Flu can divide itself and Nicotinic (we are assuming this is Nicotine) can be invisible at times.

Defend Your Life is available for download off of Google Play for free and does contain optional IAPs for those of you who want to use them.

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