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Want to play Hearthstone on your Android phone? Here’s a workaround you can use.

Blizzard’s popular TCG called Hearthstone was finally released onto Android back in December 2014 along with the new Goblins vs Gnomes content update for the game on all platforms. For everyone who had been waiting for this game to arrive but happen to not own a tablet, launch day for Hearthstone was a bit of a bitter sweet time. It meant that the game is finally out but for tablets only, putting it one step closer to having the game optimized for Android phones but without a tablet (or supported phablet) you still have to wait.

However there is now a workaround that you can do in order to play Hearthstone on your Android phone. It is a legit method since the game is free you are not pirating the game and this method does not allow you to get free cards, booster packs, or anything else. It simply lets you play Hearthstone on your Android phone.

Here is the full description on how to play Hearthstone on your Android phone. It isn’t that hard to do but you do need a little technical knowledge of Android to pull it off.

Unzip the package, then place the com.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstone folder and the rebuilt.apk file in your OBB folder. This folder is located by going to your main directory then Android>OBB.

You can download the files using the below link:!6QpiGDYK!VR5TxcuOksGd-37IMgUTSXEIiLcO5Fdzk3_iDZ9q8Q4

Should look like this:

Ensure all files are removed from OBB folder and Hearthstone is UNINSTALLED before starting. The game will need to be REINSTALLED with the new files. For me the APK did not need to be outside of the hearthstone folder, but for many it must sit in the root of OBB.

Don’t use the main hearthstone folder. Take the comm.blizzard hearthstone folder and the apk out of that and place them into your obb folder.

Credit goes to kendallsg who sent me the files so I could share them with everyone. His original thread is

We kept the entire description unchanged in order to ensure all credits and links remain the same. This does work and it works really well. So now you can play Hearthstone on your Android phone of choice until Blizzard releases an update for the game to officially run on Android phones and not just tablets. We did this ourselves and it worked just fine and all the files are clean. However, if you are worried about anything, just install something like Lookout Security to scan everything and keep your phone safe.

The original reddit post is also worth a read as well as there is some good information and updates that will be posted there.

Thanks to Mark Dey for the tip!

Website Referenced: Reddit

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