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[Update: Release Date] More tactical RPG goodness is heading to Android next month with Swap Heroes 2

While tactical-style RPGs are not really a new thing when it comes to any gaming platform including Android, it seems that lately there has been a bit of a surge in tactical RPGs making their way to Google Play. Swap Heroes 2 is another one that will be making its way to Android next month and it looks like it will be pretty fun to play.

Update February 2nd, 2015 12:43pm PST: Swap Heroes 2 will be released onto Android on February 18th, 2015. There’s also a few additional details released including the final boss being Shadow Knight, a new upgrade system to improve stats (health, attack, healing, and skills), a new quest system gives you permanent progression, and a new Endless Mode, all of which will be in this release.

Swap Heroes 2 is the sequel to the game of the same name minus the 2 in the name and has done quite good for itself since its release. Players will be battling waves of enemies with a group of four different characters and each character has their own set of unique abilities. The tactical part of this RPG isn’t so much the group’s placement, like in a lot of games of this nature, but instead players have to swap positions of each character in order for that one to attack.

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You will have three characters up front and one in the back. Swapping them out will change up what they do. The three at the front will be attacking with whatever abilities they have while the one in the back performs a special move. This special move varies depending on the character that is placed there during combat. It could be an attack, it could be defensive, or it could be healing. You will have to take into consideration the type of monster you are fighting at that moment as well as what abilities you will need to be using, so planning ahead and being precise in your choices is a skill that is needed in this game.

As for a more specific date as to when Swap Heroes 2 will make it to Google Play, nothing has been announced as of yet, only that it will be arriving in February 2015. No word on pricing either.

Developer Website: Savory Games

Website Referenced: PocketGamer | Update

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