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Odd Bot Out is now Available on Android Oddly Enough

A new physics-based puzzle game, Odd Bot Out, has been released onto the Google Play Store for $1.99. Finding ways across gaps for a robot named Odd is the main purpose of Odd Bot Out.

After escaping a robot factory, Odd failed a standardized test, the titular robot needs help by building bridges with different parts. You cross over with “unsafe cars” while also getting the chance to ride on a robotic centipede. ┬áThere are 100 levels/puzzles in total.

Odd Bot Out Features:

– 100 unique and puzzling levels
– Wheels, motors, circuits, and other building blocks
– Stress free, creative, non-violent game play

There is also a free version available that gives you the first 10 levels, the rest can be bought in a single in app purchase.

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