Day: 3 February 2015


Trouble With Robots makes the trek from iOS to Android

Art Castle has brought their popular iOS game called Trouble With Robots over to Android. This is an action-based strategy TCG title but unlike a lot of TCG titles, this one doesn’t have hundreds of cards to collect. This is mainly due to the fact that Trouble With Robots isn’t just about collecting cards and doing the usual style of battle with them.


Handy Games announces their new tactical strategy game called 1942 Pacific Front

Handy Games has announced their newest WWII-themed strategy game called 1942 Pacific Front and thankfully we do have some details about this game as well as some screenshots. This game features different locations that are filled with hexagon shaped spaces in which you will move your troops around in. Since this is a WWII-themed game, your units consist of different types of foot soldiers, tanks, airplanes, and even naval military units.