Day: 4 February 2015


Conquer Age: Clash of Empires multiplayer strategy game is now out

Conquer Age, a strategy CCG, has been released onto Google Play, according to developer/publisher TOAST. Developed by 4PLAT and published by NHN Entertainment Corp. (did you follow all of that?), Conquer Age is a CCG where players can form nations, enlist other players, and  attempt to build an empire, using over 450 unique hero cards that are apparently inspired from history. Their presser names Guan Yu, Leonidas, and the Barbarian goddess Bonacheya as a few of the heroes. 


The Fall of Sonic: Sega’s Last Breath – Part 1

Young readers might wonder why the internet is filled with so much lament over the fallen blue hero. Sonic The Hedgehog has become the mascot equivalent of Val Kilmer, depressing us with his bloated antics. Dozens of failed games, countless reboots, and now the Sonic Boom atrocity have all but killed this once great franchise. Sega has even announced they’ll no longer be making console games and be focusing only on mobile and PC markets.