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Ouya has a new bundle of games available for one price called the Robo Bundle

If you own an Ouya Android console and happen to enjoy games with robots in them, then there is a new bundle available as of today on the Ouya Marketplace you might want to check out called the ROBO Bundle. The bundle comes with a total of four games, all of which feature mechanical versions of human beings.

CLARC and Stop The Bots

The Robo Bundle comes with CLARC, Magnetic By Nature, Stop The Bots, and Twin Robots. Both Twin Robots and Stop the Bots are more of an arcade-platformer type of game while CLARC is actually a really good action-adventure puzzle game with a really cool comic book feel to it. Lastly Magnetic By Nature is a physics-based puzzle with 120+ levels and two additional modes for those of you who enjoy speedrunning games.

All four games are available for the single price of $7.99. All four games are quite good so in terms of value, this bundle is pretty solid and each game can’t be beat in 30 minutes of gameplay.

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