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Retro Wings has been updated for Android

Retro Wings is a flight game that would safely be categorized with FlappyBird clone, though players control a plane in this game, as opposed to a bird. The game includes two different modes, one with levels that players progress though, and the other is infinite and players attempt to see how long they can go without crashing.

The developer has updated several things in the game (as well as now launching on iOS). Some of what’s new are 20 new planes to fly, and new characters (some of which carry over from other games by the developer “arkavis”). Over 70 new levels on the world map, each with its own (aforementioned) survival mode.

There’s also a ” Holiday special: Winter wonderland with unlockable Santa Claus”, as well as new “Improved resurrection controls”. Users can share their high scores, but there’s no Google Play Games integration.

The game is free, with IAPs and video ads that pop up in the game (but in between flying attempts).

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