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Coming soon: A new TCG-style MMO called League of Angels – Fire Raiders

GTArcade, creaters of League of Angels, has announced that they’ll soon be releasing a sequel to it called League of Angels – Fire Raiders! Unlike the original League of Angels, which (loosely speaking) has some dungeon crawler elements to the MMORPG, Fire Raiders will be a card based MMORPG.

Players will still be able to equip and level up their heroes the and angel assigned to the team. According to GTArcade’s press release, the game is set to include “cross-server arena battles, team dungeons, unique PVE and PVP modes and plenty of mini games”, so there should be plenty of action, with the option for players to customize their squads before battle. They pan to have launch festivities, weekly events, and opportunities to earn gift codes.

The game will be offered for free, but no mention of IAPs, Google Play Integration, or when the game will actually launch. In the meantime, you can check out the developer preview video below to learn more about League of Angels.

Official Website: League of Angels: Fire Raiders

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