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LG offers up a free VR headset for new LG G3 owners; arriving later this month

Virtual Reality is a pretty big thing right now and companies are trying to figure out ways to jump on the VR train. One way is to just give away free VR headsets and that is exactly what LG is doing in a new promotion.

Basically LG is giving away free VR headsets for anyone who buys an LG G3.  The design of this headset is sort of along the same idea as Samsung did with their Gear VR. By this we mean that it will only fit the LG G3, or at least that is supposed to be the idea. The headset itself is based off of Google’s Cardboard design except this one is made of plastic.

The VR for G3 features a unique design that leverages the G3’s signature Rear Key layout, compared to other smartphones where the volume rockers are located on the side of the phone. This unique design also means VR for G3 takes full advantage of the flagship phone’s 1W speaker with Boost AMP to provide richer, clearer sound effects that complement the rich visuals. For a more personal experience, VR for G3 can be combined with a Bluetooth headsets such as LG Tone Infinim for wireless enjoyment. – LG

Besides the plastic material, LG has modified the backplate to allow LG G3 owners the ability to access the phone’s rear keys. This means the volume control is located on the back and not on the sides like most other headsets.

This new VR headset will be available to new owners LG’s G3 in select areas later this month. As for currently LG G3 owners, there’s no information right now on whether or not you will get one of these headsets.

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