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PSA: Shadowgun: Deadzone hit with another DDoS attack

Madfinger Games’ popular Shadowgun: Deadzone game is currently being hit by a DDoS attack. Judging from what Madfinger Games has said on Twitter moments ago about the attack, this appears to not be the first time this has happened.

For those of you playing the game, or attempting to play it, the DDoS is still currently going on. Madfinger Games has posted an update on Twitter stating that it is coming from one person who is more than likely using an alias. So if you can’t connect, this is the reason why.

Madfinger Games ensures that anyone with a premium account on Shadowgun: Deadzone will be “refunded in some way” although what that exact is hasn’t been mentioned yet. This is more than likely because they are trying to shut down the DDoS attack. You can get updates as they arrive over on Madfinger Games’ Twitter. As for the reason behind the attack, no one knows. We will post an update once more information is available.

Website Referenced: Madfinger Twitter

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