Day: 13 February 2015


Nintendo begins teasing an official Mii app, Hell has partially frozen over.

It is no secret that Nintendo has been a strong opponent when it comes to bringing official franchises from their platform onto mobile devices. The company absolutely refuses to consider any of their games for non-Nintendo mobile gaming devices. It’s something that we have reported on a few times in the past and yet, here we are talking about Nintendo and an application that may be coming to mobile devices.


Fun Friday Valentine’s Day Edition: Speed Dating Gamer Edition, Heroes of the Storm Love Bug, and Minecraft Valentine’s Day Box

Welcome to another addition of our Fun Friday series where we take a look at funny and cool things in the video game industry we’ve stumbled across during the past week while we work. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, that corner being tomorrow, we figured a couple of Valentine’s Day related items might be a good idea. So, as always, sit back, relax and enjoy.


The Big Indie Pitch is coming and will be at GDC 2015. Pitch your game, get judged, and possibly win prizes!

Steel Media regularly holds indie Pitch events throughout the year. These are events where developers can pitch a game they are currently developing, to a panel of judges. If you are in the top three then you win various prizes that are meant to help you out with your game’s launch. However, a few times a year there are also Big Indie Pitch events and these are much bigger versions of the regular indie pitches. This means the prizes are also bigger.


Curiosity winner promised life changing prize but has gotten nothing instead. Devolver Digital steps in on God making duties.

Many of you may remember 22Can’s rather interesting social gaming experiment called Curiosity which essentially had thousands and thousands of mobile gamers tapping away at a giant cube in the hopes of being the person who gets the last tap to reveal the very center of the cube. This person was promised a life changing reward for getting that last tap. 18-year-old Bryan Henderson happen to be that person and when he accessed the center of the cube, he was greeted with a video congratulating him, giving him a contact email address to use in order to claim his life changing prize.