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Amazon is giving away $30 Amazon Gift Cards with a purchase of a Nvidia Shield Tablet

Amazon is currently offering up a bit of a deal when it comes to purchasing a Nvidia Shield Tablet from their site. This isn’t a sale on the Shield Tablets where the price of the tablet is discounted. Instead Amazon is offering buyers a $30 Amazon Gift Card with a purchase of a Shield Tablet.

This deal applies to both the WiFi-only 16 GB models and LTE-enabled 32GB models of the Shield Tablet. If you decide to take advantage of this little deal, and opt to buy the LTE 32GB model, you also get three games for free as per the bundle Nvidia currently has going on. Those three games are Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2, and Portal.

Since this isn’t a sale in the normal regards, the tablets are still full price which means the WiFi 16GB models are selling for $299 and the LTE 32GB models are going for $399. So if you’re planning to pick up a Shield Tablet in the very near future, you might want to go this route and snag the $30 Gift Card from Amazon on top of it. No word on when the sale ends.

Amazon Marketplace: Nvidia Shield Tablet promo

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