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Square Enix redesigned their online store and launches new member’s rewards program

Square Enix’s online storefront was a bit of a rough place to navigate through, regardless as to whether or not you’re on your mobile device at that time. However the company has apparently been working hard on redesigning it and today is the official launch of their new online store. Along with the new store design, Square Enix has revived their old but popular Square Enix® MEMBERS Rewards Program.

So why the hell are we reporting on this? Well granted the Square Enix store mostly caters to console and PC gamers, it did sell mobile games as well, although I’ve yet to hear of anyone using it for that. Also, with the advent of things like GameStream, the line between PC gaming and mobile gaming continues to blur. Buying anything on the old store was a bit of a pain in the ass. However it should be a lot better now, or at least that is what Square Enix is stating.

If you happen to use the Square Enix online store a decent amount while on your Android device, before it wasn’t exactly optimized well for smaller screens. That has changed with this new design which has be completely redesigned for mobile users and optimized for smaller screens.

The new Square Enix online store also has the Square Enix® MEMBERS Rewards Program completely integrated into it. That means members can now accumulate reward points throughout the year to redeem for exclusive prizes. You will also be able to redeem your point at any time throughout the year and not just specific times for specific prizes.

Ironically, going to the new Square Enix online store right now (at the time of writing this) will have you greeted with the store being down for maintenance.

Official Website: Square Enix Online Store

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