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Total Destruction is a physics-based puzzler that is all about blowing stuff up

A new physics-based puzzler has arrived on Google Play called Total Destruction. Developed by Ganimedes Ltd, this game is pretty much as the name suggests, it is all about destruction and a lot of that is done by blowing things up. In fact just about everything in each level is destructible except for the actual ground.

The actual goal of the game is to blast structures in each level below the acceptable height, which appears as a dotted line on your screen. If you manage to accomplish this, you will proceed to the next level. Failing to do this means you will have to start the level over again. Of course this is easier said then done. Luckily you have a variety of explosives at your disposal for blowing up these structures properly.

Total Destruction Features:

– Three exciting locations: USA, England and China;
– More than 180 varied game levels;
– Five different explosives to build your strategy around.

There are over 180 different levels to work your way through, all of which are located at different spots around the world. Needless to say, with that many levels, you won’t be finishing this game in one sitting. If you’re up for blowing up buildings and other structures, you can download Total Destruction off of Google Play for free. This game does come with optional IAPs as well.

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