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The Taekwondo Game gets updated and is now completely free and a lot harder

The Taekwondo Game landed on Android back in December 2014 and while the game was free to download to try out, you did need to pay for it if you wanted to certain aspects of the game. Today te Taekwondo Game has received an update that makes the entire game free to play right through without the need to spend a penny on it if you don’t want to.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage about this game, The Taekwondo Game is a head-to-head martial arts brawler where you could either go up against AI opponents or beat on your friends via local multiplayer using WiFi. The animation is actually quite excellent, mainly because everything was motion-captured movements from professional players. If you really want to get realistic, you can follow the authentic Olympic rules.

Now that the game is completely free to play all the way through without having to spend a penny, supporting the developer is an optional thing. Like any game though, if you do enjoy playing it, do consider supporting the developer. However the free-to-play change isn’t the only thing to come in this update.

Opponents are now a lot harder to beat with this update. So you will need to brush up on your skills and get ready for a bit more of a challenge in this game than what you are probably used to prior to this update. The next update will focus on content for The Taekwondo Game, with more countries being added to single players and, hopefully, a truly global multiplayer being added. That’s in the next update though. For now, you will need to try and beat all the hard opponents.

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