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Be a Chicken in 7lbs of Freedom, out now for Android

As a human you are probably aware that many of our species eat chicken.  While you might know that experience, you may not know how a chicken feels. That’s where 7lbs of Freedom comes in.

As Herbert the Chicken, your goal is to escape endless hoards of hungry humans (alteration unintentional). You can earn a high score which can be shown off on online leaderboard. Higher scores require  extra points  which are obtained by stomping on humans or collecting eggs. The game can be played on Normal or Insanely Hard difficulty.

7lbs of Freedom Features:

– 2 Endless Game Modes
– Multiple Types of Hungry Humans
– 2 Ways to Boost Your Score: Stomp Humans & Collect Eggs
– Unforgettable Characters
– Fun-loving Music
– Easy-to-learn Touch Controls
– Google Play Leaderboards
– Universal App for Phone/Tablet Devices

If you are looking for a simple to play, high-score driven game, 7lbs of Freedom may be worth checking out. 

Google Play: 7lbs of Freedom

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