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“Capitalism Simulator” AdVenture Capitalist Now Available On Google Play

AdVenture Capitalist is a new free-to-play game about capitalism which is now available. Published by Kongregrate and developed by Hyper Hippo, AdVenture Capitalist is all about tapping to make as much money as possible.

Players must incessantly tap the screen in order to squeeze lemons for your lemonade stand. As your business grows, players can hire managers to tap for them, both to take pressure off your fingers and so the business can sell more lemonade. This is done by opening up more lemonade stands.

You can even own other businesses too. You are rewarded with swag, though it is not specified what said swag is. So in reality the game is more of a lemonade simulator at the start, but grows like a good successful business into a a game about capitalism.

AdVenture Capitalistis available off of Google Play for free and does come with optional IAPs in case you want to take advantage of them and support the game’s capitalism theme. You can take a stab at, or more specifically a tap at, owning a lemonade stand.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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