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Marvel and DeNA team up for a new arcade brawler called Marvel Mighty Heroes. Pre-registration now live.

Marvel has teamed up with DeNA for a new arcade brawler that will be heading to mobile soon. Today both companies have announced that their new game, called Marvel Mighty Heroes, is actually a thing, that it will be heading our way soon, and that they want to show it off now though with a trailer and some screenshots for everyone to check out.

Marvel Mighty Heroes is a real-time co-op brawler starring Super Heroes and Super Villains of the Marvel Universe. This game will allow up to four players to team up to take on the bad guys as superheroes from the Marvel world. Each hero (or villain for that matter) has their own unique set of abilities and skills to use when going into combat. For single-player, Marvel Mighty Heroes will have an ever evolving amount of Marvel storylines to enjoy. This will also be done through the use of weekly competitions you can partake in.

Some examples of the heroes you will be able to choose include Iron Man, Groot, Captain America, Star-Lord, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Spider-Man. However, this is certainly not all of the playable characters that will be included in this game when it launches. In multiplayer, you will be able to compete against other opponents for leaderboard ranking or team up with other players to “save the universe”.

There isn’t a ton of details aside from this though. We do have a trailer that teases the game a bit more but doesn’t seem to reveal much more than we’ve already mentioned above. We have confirmed, however, that everyone in-game does have a big head. Since this will be coming from DeNA, we can expect this game to be free and contain optional IAPs when it is released this year, most likely a good part of those will be for additional playable characters and alternate outfits for existing heroes.

Official Webstite: Marvel Mighty Heroes

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