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Nitrome’s newest game called Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is now out on Google Play

Nitrome has developed some pretty solid and fun games as of late such as Gunbrick and Endless Doves to name a couple of them. Nitrome’s newest game, called Magic Touch: Wizard For Hire, has landed on Google Play today and just like the company’s past title, this one is also pretty solid and fun to play.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is about a castle who is in need of a wizard to come help defend it. Since you are an out-of-work wizard, you happily answer the call for help. Unfortunately defending this castle isn’t as easy as you may have though, since the enemies you need to take care of are floating down from the sky and are using special balloons. The balloons have shapes inside them and in order to pop those balloons, you will need to draw the matching shape on your screen.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Features:

– Intuitive gesture recognition drawing gameplay.
– Collect coins to unlock new spells
– Slow Down time!
– Turn enemies into frogs!
– Summon a mighty Dragon!
– Cover the floor on Fire!
– Make the Castle Turrets grow Gun Turrets!
– Bake Bread (ok that last one we made up).

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is definitely one of those games you can sit down and play for awhile or just in short bursts when you have a few moments to waste. Either way you play it, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is available for free off of Google Play and does contain optional IAPs as well.

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