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Upcoming VR game Esper gets shown off with a new trailer

Esper is an upcoming game for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR which takes place in 1975. Since this is a Virtual Reality title, the entire perspective of this game is in first-person which is interesting because Esper is actually a puzzle game dealing with extra-sensory abilities.

Essentially people have started showing up in 1975 that have extra-sensory abilities. Obviously the government has some problems with this, mainly dealing with national security or so they say, and begin to force people to start taking aptitude tests. The actual goal of this game is to prove to a contractor for the government that you are actually not a threat. This is done by completing the tests they dish out to you using your telekinesis abilities. If you prove you are not a threat, you will be able to leave… hopefully.

Esper is currently available for free in demo form on the Oculus Rift Marketplace. The full version of this game will be arriving soon, most likely when the Oculus Rift Marketplace gets updated with the ability for developers to actually be able to sell their games on it. In the meantime you can check out the new trailer in the video above.

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