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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Blood Bowl, Witcher Adventure Games, King of Fighters series and more

It is Friday which means it is time for another round-up of all the Android games currently on sale right now. This week is looking especially good with some pretty big games on sale such as The Witcher Adventure Games ($2 off), Blood Bowl ($4 off), Braveland ($2 off), the entire King of Fighters franchise by SNK Playmore and more.

There are some very good savings to be ad on some of these games so like always we will just jump right into it. Here is the list for this week’s round-up.

Like always, if you spot a game that is on sale but isn’t on this list, whether that be on Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore, let us know so we can add it to the list and let everyone else take advantage of the savings.

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