Day: 11 March 2015


Limbo Review: An incredible side-scroller with very few faults

Limbo is a 2D side-scrolling game released by Playdead. The premise of the game is simple, bordering on basic: players assume the role of an unnamed boy searching for his sister who’s apparently lost in Limbo. While this is fine enough of a reason (excuse?) to go off on a grand adventure, it isn’t mentioned in the game at ALL, but rather pulled from the game’s Google Play page. And to clarify this point, there was no prologue, cut scenes, epilogue, narration, subtitles, or any thing else that would advance a narrative. No story, but for the byline found on Google Play. The thing is though, this game is so good that I didn’t care. Also, not only is this the closest thing I have to a complaint, it’s my sole one at that.


Zynga starts closed beta testing for their upcoming Empires & Allies title. Closed beta sign-ups are also now live.

Zynga has a new game hitting Android soon called Empires & Allies but before the game is officially released, Zynga will be holding a closed beta testing phase starting now which also means that closed beta sign-ups are also now live. For those of you not familiar with this game, Empires & Allies is a multiplayer RTS game heading to mobile soon.


Tomorrow is a big day with game releases and gaming news, here is what’s coming.

Thursday are pretty much the official Android mobile game release day. Actually it is like that for all mobile gaming but then again we only care about Android. We don’t usually do a post a day ahead of what’s being released tomorrow but considering how big tomorrow is shaping up to be, it actually warrants a post like this. There is a lot to be looking forward to this Thursday.