Day: 12 March 2015


[GDC 2015] AD 2460 is a space strategy HTML5 browser game playable on Android devices

While GDC 2015 is usually about the newly released or upcoming titles developers want to show off, AD 2460 is a little different. This game was built entirely out of Javascript and HTML5 and was actually released a couple of months ago. Since the game is developed using HTML5, it scales to pretty much any device with a browser and that includes your Android phone or tablet. Mind you we recommend using a tablet as it provides a bit more space to have everything in front of you.


[GDC 2015] Hands-on with Spacetime Studios upcoming fast-paced MOBA Call of Champions

While one of the stories we had to wait with talking about till today was Mortal Kombat X, the other title we had to sit on until now was our hands-on time with Spacetime Studios upcoming MOBA Call of Champions. We have already gone into great detail about this game when we had our pre-GDC 2015 interview with Spacetime Studios but we didn’t get to do any sort of hands-on with the game itself until GDC 2015 actually started.


Angry Birds Stella POP! arrives with the goal of saving exotic critters

Rovio is keeping the Angry Birds train rolling forward with a new release today called Angry Birds Stella POP!. Based off of the morally conscience Angry Birds Stella game, this is a match-3 puzzle spin-off that deals with saving exotic critters. Of course taking out the evil pigs is still a part of the game as well. Mind you it is a bit ironic to save exotic creatures while getting rid of pigs which is also a creature of the world last time I checked.


Final Fantasy: Record Keeper pre-registration bonus announced and it’s actually kind of neat

A couple of weeks ago Square Enix announced an entirely new mobile Final Fantasy game that will be heading our way soon called Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. Since that announcement pre-registration has been available for those of you who know you are going to be getting this game when it launches. As per usual, when you pre-register for a game, you end up getting an in-game bonus/reward or two when the game actually launches.


[GDC 2015] Hands-on with NetherRealms’ upcoming Mortal Kombat X for Android

One of the games we were very eager to try out during GDC 2015 was NetherRealms’ Mortal Kombat X for Android devices. When we got to where the game was being shown, it was in a nice dark conference room behind closed doors with both the console version as well as the mobile version being available to play. Without wasting any time we went over to the table where all the tablets were, sat down, and began playing Mortal Kombat X while talking to one of the developers working on the project.


[UPDATED: Game Released] Outwitters 2.0 will be arriving onto Android tomorrow complete with cross-platform multiplayer

One Man Left is the developer of the game called Outwittes, which was one of the App Stores Best Games of 2012, with over a million downloads. The quick and dirty on the game is that it’s turn based multiplayer in the form of tactical squad combat that’s played on a hex board, with the goal being that the player destroys the base of his or her opponent, without losing his/her own base in the process. Matches can be one on one, or two on two. There are four different factions to choose from, each with a unique unit.