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[GDC 2015] Hands-on with Madfinger Games’ upcoming zombie shooter Unkilled

Madfinger Games announced their next title just before GDC 2015 started and it was another zombie shooter called Unkilled. The company was on hand at the Unity booth at GDC 2015 showing off a technical demo of Unkilled which we decided to swing by in order to get a little hands-on time with the early build of Unkilled that they had on display.

Since this was a technical demo, there wasn’t a whole lot of content available to go through. Even so, we did get to see how the visuals would be and learn a little bit more about Unkilled. This game is still very early in development and so there isn’t a lot of details available to talk about just yet. Some of what we talked about with Madfinger Games we can’t mention just yet either (mainly multiplayer related features) since these features are still being planned out and developed. They are pretty interesting however so when we can talk about them, we definitely will do so.

In the meantime, we can tell you a couple of things about Unkilled. First, the game visually looks very good and that should not be much of a surprise. Madfinger Games is a company that specializes in really good looking visuals when it comes to zombie shooters. In fact Unkilled is probably their best looking game to date already, even at this early of a development stage.

Shot one of these zombies during our hands-on… they are big

Unkilled has a pretty big change to it when compared to other Madfinger zombie titles and that is the auto-shooting. Whenever your crosshairs go over a zombie your gun will automatically begin shooting. You stop shooting when your crosshairs are not on an enemy. This could mean that the gameplay that will be coming in Unkilled is going to be very hectic. Whether this will be an option you can toggle on or off is still up in the air though. So the only thing you have to concentrate on is moving your character and where you’re looking/aiming.

Other than some really big zombies we shot in the face… a lot… and the really nice visuals, we didn’t get to see a whole lot more of Unkilled which is to be expected since it is very early in development. We already have a meeting planned with Madfinger Games for E3 2015 where they will have a much bigger playable version available so unless they release more details before then, we will have to wait till E3 2015 for more details.

Unkilled will be free to download and will have optional IAPs available when it launches. When will that be? Right now all that Madfinger Games is saying is that it will be available ‘soon’. Our guess, probably late Summer/early Fall.

Official Website: Unkilled

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