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Google I/O 2015 registration begins today. This time Google is doing it differently.

There is a decent amount of news coming from Google today and there is a reason for that, Google I/O 2015 registration begins this morning at 9:00am PDT. However, before you go bananas with the reload button, trying to get your ticket before the site crashes or they are sold out in 10 minutes, which happens every year, Google will be doing things a bit differently this year.

Instead of the entire process of getting your Google I/O 2015 ticket being first come – first serve, this year it will be from a random selection. In other words everyone can register to attend Google I/O 2015 but it is a random selection process that determines whether or not you end up being able to buy a ticket. This means that it doesn’t matter what time you register for Google I/O 2015, whether it is in the first 5 minutes of the sign-up page going live or you do it tomorrow,  you have the same chance of being selected to attend as everyone else.

If you are selected as an attendee, you will then need to purchase your ticket and begin getting those travel plans set up. Ticket prices haven’t been revealed yet. Last year tickets were $300 academic admission and $900 of general admission, so you can expect prices to be around that amount.

Registration will open up today at 9:00am PDT and will remain open until 5:00pm PDT on Thursday, April 19th, 2015. Get a Google Account if you don’t have one already as you WILL need one to register for Google I/O. If you can’t attend this year, Google will be streaming a lot of the sessions live so you will be able to watch a lot of the event at home.

So what do you think will be the focus of this year’s Google I/O? Our guess is that Virtual Reality will definitely be a part of it. There will also definitely be a focus on Android gaming as well due to Google having a strong presence at GDC 2015 regarding Android game development and marketing. That could very well carry over to Google I/O 2015 as well. There will probably be some hardware related announcements as well. What do you think will be this year’s focus?

Official Website: Google I/O 2015

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