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Madfinger Games has a little St. Patrick’s Day sale for a couple of their classic titles, both updated with Android TV support as well

Madfinger Games has decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by hosting a sale on some of their classic games on Google Play. On top of that, both of their classic games that are going on sale have also been updated today with improved optimization and performance on newer Android devices as well as Android TV support.

Starting today Samurai II: Vengeance will be available for download for the sale price of $1.99. Tomorrow Shadowgun will join Samurai II in being on sale and for the same price as well, $1.99. Both games will be on sale for a very limited amount of time in order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. So if you plan to snag either of these games while they are on sale, best to do so sooner rather than later.

We will add Shadowgun’s link to Google Play tomorrow when it goes on sale.

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