Day: 20 March 2015


Telltale Games shows off their upcoming Game of Thrones Episode 3 with some screenshots

A couple of days ago Telltale Games released a promotional image to begin teasing their next installment into the Game of Thrones series which is Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness. However, the only thing they released was that singular promo image which, aside from the one dragon on it, didn’t show anything else. Today the company has released some screenshots for a much more better teasing of Episode 3.


Amazon is giving away $105 worth of games and apps for free

Apparently it is Amazon Appstore’s birthday and to celebrate this fact, the company is giving away around $105 worth of games and applications for free for a limited time. Last time Amazon did a bundle giveaway was back in February 2015 and the entire bundle was a bit ‘meh’ aside from a couple of titles in it that are quite good. Free is free though so no one can really complain. However, Amazon’s not letting that happen again with this bundle to celebrate their birthday.


[UPDATED: Game Released] Reliance Games announces another robot fighting game with Real Steel Champions

Reliance Games has announced today the addition for another robot fighting game in the Real Steel franchise, this time it’s called Real Steel Champions. This new game will be a team effort between Reliance Games and Dreamworks SKG and will feature something that should have been in the first Real Steel game – the ability to build your robots before fighting with them.