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Glitchsoft Games releases X-Men: Days of Future Past side-scrolling arcade game onto Android

A new Marvel game has landed on Google Play today from Glitchsoft Games called X-Men: Days of Future Past. If you follow the Marvel movie scene then you know this is the title of the last X-Men movie that was in theaters. With that said, this game is a 2D side-scrolling arcade game with a lot of action stuffed into it.

Players will assume the role as one of the X-Men: Wolverine, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Cyclops, Polaris or Scarlet Witch. If you watched the movie, you know that there is basically two timelines where eventually humans and mutants alike end up being slaves to machines. In this game you’ll be fighting to stop this from happening which means you will be dealing with the two separate timelines of Days of Future Past.

X-Men Days of Future Past Features:

– THRILLING GAMEPLAY: Enjoy fast-paced, side-scrolling action as your favorite mutants, each with unique powers and abilities. Experiment with their distinct gameplay styles.
– SPECTACULAR GRAPHICS: Featuring a breakthrough in 2D graphics, Uncanny X-Men combines stunning parallaxing effects with next-gen lighting, shattering the barriers between consoles and your Android device.
– MASSIVE BOSS ENCOUNTERS: Battle against iconic X-Men villains such as Magneto, Nimrod, Master Mold and more.
– CAPTIVATING COMIC-BASED STORY: Co-written by Josh Fine, producer of Wolverine and the X-Men, and based off the original Days of Future Past issues by John Byrne and Chris Claremont.
– ASTONISHINGLY INTUITIVE CONTROLS: 2 control schemes to suit everyone’s preference. Sentinel destruction can be achieved through virtual buttons or button less swipe controls.
– UPGRADE YOUR MUTANT ABILITIES: Each X-Men boasts 4 upgradeable mutant abilities including Wolverine’s healing factor, Shadowcat’s phase punch and Cyclops’ optic blast.
– HIDDEN LORE SECRETS: 50 Years of X-Men history are hidden throughout the levels. Find character bios, comic book covers, concept art and more.

Like a lot of good arcade games of this nature, X-Men Days of Future Past has a lot of secrets to find which, in the case of this game, deals with different characters’ histories, lore, and various art including concept art and different comic book covers. In regards to gameplay, players have two different control scheme to use, one being touchscreen virtual controls and the other being swipe controls.

X-Men Days of Future Past is available for download off of Google Play for $3.94 and there are no IAPs in this game. You can check out the game’s trailer in the video below to see the game in action before making the leap to buy it.

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