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2K Games Spring Sale comes to Android with three game heavily discounted

2K Games has started a Spring Sale over on iOS the other day and now it appears that us Android users also get a bit of love starting today. The company has heavily discounted three of their games for a limited time, so there is a chance to save some serious cash right now.

Currently the games on sale are NHL 2K, XCOM: Enemy Within, and Civilization Revolution 2. When we say heavily discounted, we really mean it. XCOM: Enemy Within and Civilization Revolution 2 are both $4.99, which is $8 off of the regular price of XCOM and $10 off the regular price of Civilization Revolution 2. Bringing up the rear is NHL 2K which is available now for $2.99, which ends up being $5 off its regular price.

So if you were to buy all three games right now while they are on sale, you would be saving around $23. Certainly a lot more then a buck or two. No word on when this sale ends for Android so best to take advantage of it now.

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