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Best Buy will be selling the Samsung Gear VR headset at the end of this week

Earlier this year Best Buy began selling the Samsung Gear VR headset but only the Innovator Edition and not the normal one. Well that is finally about to change as Best Buy will begin selling the normal Samsung Gear VR headset as well at the end of this week, more specifically on Friday.

While there are plenty of perks to getting a Samsung Gear VR headset, the one downside is that the device only can be used with the Samsung Note 4. There is a bit of a silver lining to this dark cloud though and that is later this year there will also be a version of this headset for the Samsung Galaxy 6. This Galaxy Note 4 version that will be going on sale this Friday will be available in the actual Best Buys stores as well, which is the first time any of the Gear VR headsets have been available for purchase physically within a Best Buy.

What is even better is that this won’t be available in just a few select locations at first. There will be over 100 Best Buy stores stocking the Samsung Gear VR headset on their shelves this Friday, with additional stores to follow suit shortly after. Along with the actual units for sale, there will also be demo booths available for people to try a headset out before purchasing one. Best way to find out if a store near you is going to have them, call your local store up and ask or use the Best Buy website, located the Samsung Gear VR, and click on the “where the heck do I go” button and it will tell you the closest store with headsets available.

Website Referenced: Slashgear

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