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PAKO car chase simulator gets Amazon Fire TV controller support

One rather popular game we wrote about not too long ago is PAKO by Tree Man Games. This neat little title is a car chase simulator which, as you can probably guess from that description, is all about running from the cops. It is quite the fun game and it now has Amazon Fire TV support.

With the new support for Amazon Fire TV, both the set-top box and the stick, this means that PAKO now has support for either the remote or the controller that comes with either of those two options for Amazon Fire TV. Both can be used to play PAKO while you sit on your couch safely, while in the game you are running for those mean police.

For those of you wanting to snag a copy of PAKO off of Amazon’s Appstore, doing so will run you $2.16.

Amazon Appstore: PAKO

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