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Taichi Panda Teumessian Update arrives today with the game’s official release

If today is your first time playing Taichi Panda then you won’t realize that there is actually a content update that arrived today with the game’s official release. However, if you have been in the beta then you will notice some changes immediately upon downloading and starting this version of Taichi Panda. This is due to the Teumessian Update which arrived today along with the game’s launch.

We’ve actually mentioned that this update was coming a few times in past Taichi Panda articles but without an actual release date for it, only a general “end of month” time frame, it was a bit surprising to see the update as part of the release. It is a good thing though because instead of three playable characters, there are now four thanks to the additional of Teumessa, the Fox Mage. In fact this update brings a lot of new content to the game, all of which is mainly new high level areas.

Teumessian Update Features:

– New character: Teumessa, the Fox Mage
– High level town Atlantis, along with new lvl 55+ chapters
– Max level increased, along with new gear, new pets, new skill systems
– New PvP modes, including new Battlefields and Guild Wars

As you can see there is an increase to everyone’s max level that they can achieve. There is a new high level town called Atlantis and with that comes a slew of new level 55+ chapters to play. As with any increase in levels in any game, there is now new items to compliment that new level increase including new pets, gear and a new skill system. Lastly, there are two new PvP modes available which are Battlefields and Guild Wars, both of which are pretty self-explanatory for anyone who has played an MMORPG at some point in their life.

Since this update is part of the game’s official release, there is nothing you need to do except actually get the game, which is free off of Google Play.

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