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Today on TwitchTV: Zenonia S Closed Beta, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, Taichi Panda and more… oh my!

It’s Thursday which means it is almost time for the weekend. It also means, like every Thursday, there are plenty of cool new Android games to check out that got released today. So, with that said, today we are going to be hitting up the Zenonia S closed beta which began last night. There is also Final Fantasy: Record Keeper which arrived today as a bit of a surprise, since the soft launch was only a day or two ago. Finally, there is the full release of Taichi Panda along with the Teumessian content update that launched simultaneously. We will also be talking about upcoming games and upcoming giveaways.

So sit back, relax, eat some lunch or whatever, and join us. You can watch right here on the site or come by our TwitchTV channel and join us there. We will dive into some other games today as well if we don’t get too caught up on these ones. There is a good chance we won’t make it out of the Zenonia S closed beta and Final Fantasy: Record Keeper today. Both are quite fun. We will be starting up around 1pm PST.

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