Day: 27 March 2015


Android Game Sale Round-Up: HandyGames, 2K Games, Call of Duty: Strike Team and more

It’s Friday which means the weekend is upon us and this particular weekend is actually a bit more special since everyone here in the USA who are attending classes will be seeing Spring Break starting up next week. This is probably why there is a good amount of games on sale right now. One thing to do when you’re not in school is to play games. This week’s round-up has the 2K Games Spring Sale as part of it as well as HandyGames getting in on the action, discounting multiple titles as well. This certainly isn’t all that is on sale though!


Adventure Gaming Steps into the Future with The Gallery: Six Elements

The graphic adventure puzzle genre got a huge boost in followers in 1993, when the game Myst was released. Just saying the name probably brings up hours of good memories for a lot of PC/MAC gamers. Since then, the genre has grown steadily, and now adventure games are available on PC, MAC, consoles and mobile devices everywhere. Soon, adventure gaming will step into the future with a whole new gaming experience by Cloudhead Games, called The Gallery: Six Elements.